Correct Word Order

What's the Correct Word Order?

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  • a. brightly
    b. is shining
    c. sun
    d. the


  • a. in
    b. works
    c. my daughter
    d. New York


  • a. birds
    b. sing


  • a. cloth
    b. feels
    c. rough
    d. this


  • a. a
    b. became
    c. doctor
    d. good
    e. Max


  • a. interesting
    b. sounds
    c. that
    d. very


  • a. a
    b. decided
    c. go
    d. on
    e. picnic
    f. to
    g. she


  • a. clean
    b. keep
    c. must
    d. house
    e. the
    f. we


  • a. capital
    b. Turkey
    c. is
    d. Ankara
    e. of
    f. the


  • a. America
    b. English
    c. in
    d. speak
    e. they


  • a. a
    b. motorcycle
    c. don't
    d. fast
    e. have
    f. I