Indirect Questions

Indirect Questions

Start the sentence with the words given in parentheses.
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  • What's Bosnia like? (I want to find out...)


  • How do you do it? (Can you tell me ...)


  • Who did you meet at the party? (I'd like to know ...)


  • How long have you been waiting for her? (I wonder ...)


  • What happened to them? (Nobody cares ...)


  • How important is that meeting to the company? (Can you tell me ...)


  • Who built that enormous building? (I wonder...)


  • When was the film produced? (Nobody remembers ...)


  • Have they flown an ultralight too? (I don't know ...)


  • What is it called in English? (I can't remember ....)


  • Should people be allowed to smoke in public places? (I'd like to know ....)