Going to

Going To

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  • What ___ this Saturday night?
    a. you are going to do
    b. are you going to do
    c. your gonna do


  • I'm not sure. ___ anything special?
    a. Are you going to do
    b. You are going to do
    c. Is going to do


  • My friend Mike and I ___ a party. Would you like to come?
    a. am going to
    b. are going to go to
    c. go to


  • I'd love to!
    a. What's it going to be
    b. Who's go to be
    c. Where's it going to be


  • It is ___ to be at Randy's house.
    a. go
    b. going
    c. gonna


  • What time ___ start?
    a. is it going to
    b. it's going to
    c. it


  • At 8 P.M.
    ___ invite?
    a. Who are you going to
    b. What you're going to
    c. When you going to


  • I don't know. I think ___ anyone.
    a. I'm going invite
    b. I'm not go invite
    c. I'm not going to invite