Grammar Quiz Story 2

  • CUSTOMER: I need to return ___ MP3 player.
    a. this
    b. your


  • SALESPERSON: What's the ___?
    a. receipt
    b. problem


  • CUSTOMER: It ___ work.
    a. no
    b. doesn't


  • SALESPERSON: Do you have the ___?
    a. receipt
    b. cash


  • CUSTOMER: Yes, I do. Here it ___.
    a. isn't
    b. is


  • SALESPERSON: Do you want to return it or ___ it for another one?
    a. exchange
    b. cash


  • CUSTOMER: I'd like to exchange ___, please.
    a. me
    b. it


  • SALESPERSON: OK. You can go and get another ___.
    a. exchange
    b. one