Wh Questions

Wh Questions

Who, What, Where, Why, Which, When or How

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Dan:Hi, Todd.are you?

Todd:Not bad.was your Christmas?

Dan:Fantastic .

Todd:Oh!did you do?

Doug:I went to church for Christmas Eve. .

Todd:is your church?

Dan:in our neighborhood.

Tim:long did you meet as a church for?

Dan:I spent three wonderful hours there.

Tim:did you leave?

Dan:I left at a little past midnight.

Todd:did you do at church?

Dan:I saw my family and friends and celebrated Jesus birth..

Todd:did you celebrate Jesus birth?

Dan:We read from the Bible in Genesis how God was sending someone to save us from death .

Todd:else did you do?

Dan:We celebrated and sang how Jesus was the savior God promised.

Todd:does it matter?

Dan:Because now we can be free from the fear of death .

Todd:did you decide to follow Jesus?

Dan:I started following him in High School.

Todd:showed you how to follow Jesus?

Dan:My brother.

Todd:did you do on Christmas Day?

Dan:We had a big party at my parents house.

Todd:attended the party?

Dan:My whole family came.

Todd:Because first my mom told my dad about Jesus. Then he told my brother and my brother told me about Jesus?do you all get along?

Dan:You remember how crazy my family was. Well now we not only get along but we actually love each other.

Todd:can I follow Jesus?

Dan:Tell God He’s right and that you are wrong about how you live your life and even think about life Then read how Jesus lived and what he wanted his followers to do. I’ll be here to help you when you want it.